New York City Department of Buildings’ (NYCDOB) Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), also known as LOCAL LAW 11, was put in place to assure that building façades within the city's five boroughs were structurally sound and to reduce the risk of a falling-debris hazard to the pedestrians around the perimeter of the structure. Buildings that are greater than six stories are required to have façade inspection and maintenance undertaken in accordance with NYC Construction Codes §28-302.1 and RCNY §103-04. The resulting report summarizes the inspection and is formatted to meet all the required documentation laid out in the guidelines. Based on the findings of the examination, the Qualifed Exterior Wall Inspector's (QEWI) Critical Examination report classifies a building’s façades into one of three categories: “SAFE,” “SAFE WITH REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE (SWARMP),” or “UNSAFE.”